Brad Nierenberg – Shares Two Corporate Culture Fundamentals for Happy, Productive Employees

Brad Nierenberg, CEO of RedPeg Marketing, has spent years pioneering the fundamentals of corporate culture and fine-tuning talent acquisition. RedPeg is based out of Alexandria, VA and has had an impact on some of the biggest brands in the world including Geico, Mercedes-Benz, Twitter, and Warner Bros. One of the reasons for RedPeg’s success, Brad Nierenberg says, “is attributed to a happy, productive workforce that enjoys coming to work each day.”

The “Great Recession” showed businesses that while workforce availability may be high, acquiring and retaining the industry’s brightest minds will always be an effort. In addition to the high costs of employee turnover, recent studies on workforce productivity show that unhappy employees are 24% less productive than happy ones ( “A positive workplace is crucial to the bottom line. People often think ‘clients first, employees last’ when it comes to where the dollars should be spent,” says Nierenberg, “We’ve turned that on its head.”

Nierenberg offers two essential pieces of advice to encourage a positive work environment.

First, “Don’t focus on squeezing more juice out of the lemon. Invest in your employees’ experiences. When organizations attempt to evaluate ROI on company events, they may be undermining the very resource that drives their bottom line. Employees can easily decipher when motivation around company-sponsored events isn’t genuine. On the other hand, truly fun and inspiring events cultivate a collaborative spirit and deepen commitment to corporate values.”

The second piece of advice Nierenberg offers is that,

“If you’re looking for your staff to be self-starting, solution-oriented, and motivated to find solutions for your clients – you can’t expect them to find that creativity if you’re sucking the energy out of the place. You have to give first, like in any relationship. You have to build that relationship and invest in having them understand what you stand for and why. That will help them interact with the clients that you’re hoping to keep.”

“Work and the environment should have a creative element. Activities that spark new thoughts, excite emotions, and create memories help to generate ‘out of the box’ ideas for all clients. Our clients rely on us to be innovative and you can’t get innovation from people stuck inside cubicles for 40 hours a week.” Developing a corporate culture that can be playful and fosters opportunity to think creatively is the path that has led RedPeg to gross over $30M annually and keeps employee turnover at a minimum.

Brad Nierenberg is an entrepreneur and President & CEO of RedPeg Marketing. With over 20 years of industry experience, Nierenberg has won several awards for his contributions to the field of Experiential Marketing. A nationally sought after speaker, Nierenberg has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Adweek.